If you’re reading this, you’ve probably completed the hunt for your first apartment in Lagos. Well done!

Now, the next stage is to move in. But first, there are certain things you need to get out of the way. The most important of those is a trip to the market or a day spent online buying stuff for your new place. Before this shopping trip though, you have to decide what you need to get now and what you need to buy at a later time.

In this article, I'll share a new home shopping list that covers everything necessary for each room in your first home. Plus links to places where you can shop for them, if you want. I've also included an 'After-list' with nice-to-have items that you can buy later.

On your marks. Set pen to paper. Make your home shopping list.


Because everyone has to eat, this room is a necessity in every apartment – even for people who don’t like to cook. The kitchen is where you store groceries, prepare food, warm your Eden meals, and sometimes eat. Thus, however you intend to use the kitchen, the following items need to be available.

new home shopping list
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  1. Cooker: A two-stove gas cooker, for a start. | Buy here
  2. Gas cylinder and paraphernalia: One 12.5 kg cylinder. | Buy here
  3. Pots and pans: One set (frypan, large; medium; and small pots). | Buy here
  4. Kettle: One stainless steel or electric kettle. | Buy here or here
  5. Dishes: Six flat plates and bowls. | Buy here and here
  6. Cutlery: Forks, knives, and spoons (One set). | Buy here
  7. Drinking glasses: A set of six. | Buy here
  8. Mug: Two will do. | Buy here
  9. Knives: One set of knives and scissors. | Buy here
  10. Cooking spoons: One set of cooking spoons. | Buy here
  11. Chopping board: One silicon or wood board. | Buy here
  12. Lintless dish towels: Four to six. | Buy here
  13. Dish drying rack. | Buy here

After-list - Toaster, fridge, pressure cooker, microwave, blender, tongs, and egg whisk.

Cleaning and Laundry supplies

Nobody enjoys living in a filthy or untidy home. So, if you have too little time to keep things clean and tidy, outsource your home cleaning to the professionals.

Whether you choose to clean by yourself or not, the following materials are needed and you should add them to your home shopping list.

new home shopping list
Source: Pexels.com
  1. Garbage bags: One roll. | Buy here
  2. Brooms and dustpan: One standard broom and one dustpan. | Buy here
  3. Sponges: A set of dish-washing sponges. | Buy here
  4. Rags and microfiber cloths: At least 3 of each. | Buy here
  5. Paper towels: Six pieces. | Buy here
  6. Mop and bucket: One mid-sized bucket and one mop. | Buy here
  7. Pegs: Two dozen. | Buy here
  8. Electric iron | Buy here
  9. Ironing board | Buy here
  10. Laundry detergent: One 2kg sachet of your favorite detergent. | Buy here
  11. Bar soaps: Six bar of mild soaps. | Buy here
  12. Dish soap: Three 450ml bottle of your preferred dishwashing brand. | Buy here
  13. Disinfectant: One liter. | Buy here

After-list - Washing machine, furniture wipes or polish, microfiber broom.


The last time we spoke to people about buying things for a home, furniture shopping popped up as a pocket pain point. I’d like to reassure you that you don’t need to buy every piece of furniture you like right now. Only the essentials. The rest can hitch a ride on your after-list. For now, get these items.

new home shopping list
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  1. Sofa - One comfy sofa. | Buy here
  2. Fans or AC units - One for the bedroom and living room. | Buy here or here
  3. Side stools | Buy here
  4. WFH table and chair | Buy here
  5. Lighting - Extra lamps. | Buy here
  6. Window covers (Drapes or blinds) | Buy here or here

After-list - Table lamp, dehumidifier, center table, bean bag, bookshelf, artwork, throw pillows, house plants, decor, rugs, sound system, TV and stand.


Hands down the most important room in the house, this is your “calming corner”. It’s the space where you go to seek rest and recharge yourself for the next day. So, you want to pay good attention here.
To get the best from this room from the start, add these to your home shopping list:

new home shopping list
Source: Unsplash.com
  1. Beddings - Sheets + pillowcases + duvet| Buy here
  2. Mattress | Buy here
  3. Pillows - Two pillows. | Buy here
  4. Lamp - One lamp, bright enough to read with. | Buy here
  5. Hangers - One dozen. | Buy here
  6. Mirror - At least one full-length dressing mirror. | Buy here
  7. Laundry hamper - One good-sized bag or basket. | Buy here

After-list - Vanity, throw pillows, bed frame, bedside table.


This might be your first apartment, but you already have your toiletries (toothbrush, bath soap, body sponge, razors, etc). So, for this bathroom list, we’ll focus on the non-toilette necessities.

new home shopping list
Source: Pexels.com
  1. Hand towels | Buy here
  2. Shower curtain - Only if necessary. | Buy here
  3. Wall hook - One, to hang your towels and sponges on. | Buy here
  4. Toothbrush holder or case - One plastic holder/case. | Buy here
  5. Bathmat - One plastic mat. | Buy here
  6. Hand soap - One 250ml bottle. | Buy here
  7. Hand sanitizer - A liter of this is essential. | Buy here
  8. Toilet wash - 725ml | Buy here
  9. Toilet brush | Buy here
  10. Toilet paper - One six-pack. | Buy here
  11. Trash can - One small-sized plastic trash can. | Buy here

After-list - Scented candles, Bluetooth speakers.

This new home shopping list is comprehensive and covers the items you need for your first few months in a new apartment. But you don’t have to buy everything here at once. The 'After-list' section provides you with a firmer grasp of your shopping priorities and limits your spending to the essentials.

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Disclaimer: The "Buy here" links are there to help you conveniently buy the items on your home shopping list. They are also for budgeting direction. Eden Life is not affiliated, for profit or otherwise, to any of the shopping platforms linked to.