This is one team up I’ve barely been able to keep to myself, so I’m glad we’re finally at the finish line: starting today, everyone living in a Spleet apartment can now use Eden for their meals!

Other services will be added once the COVID-19 situation is resolved.

What does this mean?

Starting today, if you live in a Spleet apartment, you can use Eden to automate your cooking, and we'll bring your meals to your doorstep on a prompt schedule.

Teaming up with Spleet is one of the biggest no-brainer decisions we’ve ever made. They’re in the same business as we are: reimagining living spaces for Africans and adding an unprecedented layer of convenience to everything. They do this with apartments, and we do that with chores.

The vision is simple: people signed up to Spleet apartments can experience the joys of a home that just works (furnished, fully-powered and with affordances that make your home worth living in for once) and all the benefits of an Eden-powered home.

We’re one step closer to our ‘Sustainable African Cities’ dream

In my blog post announcing our launch, I talked about Eden’s big dream of sustainable African cities, where we can design better living conditions for Africans at scale to compete with any living experience anywhere in the world.
You can now come to your Spleet apartment knowing that while you were away, the food in your fridge was restocked and your laundry was picked up, washed, ironed, folded and stacked neatly in your drawer. With Eden plugged into your home, you can return home, do only the things that matter to you, living a life that was only thought possible in dreams.

Give it a shot!

Visit for more information and to start your plan.

I look forward to having Eden serve you!

If you have questions, you can ask me directly on
Let’s do this!