Someone once asked us, "you mean there's an app that will handle my chores automatically, like a computer?"

"Well, not really," we said, "but we have the next best thing." Our app.

It's not a computer or robots doing the chores and helping you save time, it's thoughtful people. They keep your meals delicious, your clothes fresh and your home clean – you won't need to lift a finger. But it's the fusion of our Humaans and tech that makes the process seamless, and your experience smooth.

It's why as part of our commitment to improve the quality of service delivery, we invest a lot of thought in building the things that make it possible.

This is Garden v3.0

Enter Garden v3.0, the latest version of our mobile app, which completely puts your Eden Life at the tips of your fingers, without placing any extra burdens on you.

These are the features and improvements we've made:

Experience the Eden app before paying.

With the new app version, you can configure our plans to find the best combos for your budget, look through our menu for the week, and even discover your assigned home manager. All before paying. (Actually trying to enjoy a service? You'd have to pay for that.)

Your personal plug and feedback collector

Once you successfully subscribe to any Eden plan, you get assigned a home manager aka your Gardener. They handle your customer service personally, they take your feedback and make sure it’s fixed. They understand your preferences and ensure that you have the best experience with EdenLife.

Got a question? Ask your home manager—in-app—and they'll be there with solutions.

Sharing feedback is also much easier. Now you can give us feedback much faster and with fewer hassles than before. You can also share on social media.

Reconfigure your plans to fit your schedule.

You can now change your subscription mid-cycle by editing your services to another plan. All you have to do is send a message to your home manager and let them know if you’d like to start your new plan immediately or at a scheduled date.

Plus, if you’re taking a trip, you can also pause your subscription by yourself, and resume whenever you’re back home.

And my personal favorite part of the app: the menu!

It changes weekly, and now you can what each week brings, on your app. The menu will feature all the mains plus the sides available for them, so you no longer have to go through your gardener. And after looking through the menu, you can then select the meals you’d like (enough options to enjoy variety all month). Easy.

There's so much more to get out of life. Start by leaving the chores for us to handle, while you make the most out of your time. Start your EdenLife by downloading the app on the Google Play Store or the App Store

Ready to make your life much easier? Download the Garden v3.0, available on the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore.