The holidays are typically a time of bright lights, cheery songs, the pervasive aroma of fried chicken, and the delicious chill of harmattan. Typically.

However, this is 2020. The year of multiple curve balls. We’ve had far too many losses and spent several moons socially distant from the people we care about. So, if there’s any lesson (moral or instructional) that we should learn from 2020, it’s appreciating the people and time that we have.

That's why, I won't break into a song about how Eden saves you time and allows you to actually live your life. Nah. You already know all of that. This time, we’re letting you know how to end the year on a thankful and appreciative note. Gifting.

In the spirit of giving, the team has spent the last few weeks working on ways to make this easier for you. And we’re launching two major projects to support that.

  • The Eden Holiday Hamper
  • The Eden Gifting Resource

The Eden Holiday Hamper

Get an Eden Holiday Hamper

The Eden holiday hamper is the Eden Carebox on steroids (and decked with boughs of holly). We curated this hamper with festivities in mind—a reminder of all the celebrations we’ve missed out on this year.

You can order these in the comfort (and safety) of your home, anywhere in the world, and have it delivered to your loved-ones anywhere in Lagos. The hamper is available in three different tiers (N25,000; N35,000; N50,000), customizable and available all year round.

So, you no longer have to wait for Christmas before you send love to the people you'd love to spend time with.

What’s in a hamper?

  • Scentimentally speaking: Reed diffuser.
  • Wine & Dine: Liquor or fruit juice.
  • Lots to Munch: Biscuits and cookies.
  • Pop or Bake: Something easy to bake/make, e.g. pancakes & syrup, microwave-friendly popcorn, cake mix, and more.
  • Breakfast is Served: Easy-to-make breakfast, e.g. Cereals, custard, milo, milk, etc.
  • Chocolatey Affair: A box of chocolates.
  • Spread the love: A spread that goes with meals, e.g. Nutella/jam/mayonnaise/margarine, etc.
  • Can I: Canned food, e.g. baked beans/green peas/sweet corn.
  • Clean up: Fressia Fancy wipes or 3D towels.
  • Love from Eden: The Eden greeting card.

Get the Eden Holiday Hamper

The Eden Gifting Resource

Eden's Gifting Resource

Now, imagine a world where you no longer have to worry about “the best gift”. A world where once you know the date of the wedding, you know that a gift is half ticked off your list. One where quirky gifts are easy to find, and you can finally retire your boxers and singlet reputation (at least in secret).

With the Eden Gifting Resource, we’ve made that world possible. We’ve combed through the internet and found the coolest gifting ideas. And best of all, we’ve included vendors who are in Lagos or, at the very least, ship to Lagos. These gifts cover different categories;

  • Home decor
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Wellness & beauty
  • Other random (but interesting) stuff that we couldn’t find a label for.

We know we’re awesome, however we’re not omniscient. So, we’re throwing this resource open to everyone. Know a gift that’s badass (or pretty) enough to feature on THE gifting list? Tell us here.

If not, visit the Eden Gifting Resource, and make sure you have a pen and a paper because you’ll be itching to make a wish list.