Picture this: you’re resting on a plush sofa and there’s a bright light beaming into your eyes. Or, you’re humming along to your favorite Brandy song, and there’s a pervasive stench of rotted food in the air. There's nothing comfortable about either of those scenarios. So how about some tips to switch up your home decor?

Home decor goes beyond the visuals (furnishing, painting, art) and covers the entire feeling of comfort that only your home can give. Your comfort is a function of how satisfied your five senses are, and cannot be achieved unless all your senses are delighted.

So, if you want to transform your new apartment into a home, here are home decor tips that'll help you focus on sight, smell, sound, touch and even taste. A good number of the items in this article are part of our extensive home shopping list. Pay close attention, and you'll learn tips that will give your new space a true home makeover.

Home Decor Tips from Sight

Playing with light and colors can completely change the look and mood of a space. This change can be achieved through different ways. For instance, lighter paint colors make a small-sized rooms seem larger, and warmer hued colors make spaces feel closer and cozier. To appeal to your sense of sight, incorporate visual elements that calm or energize you, while also appealing to your style.  

Home decor tips from sight

To help you achieve that, here are some home decor tips:

  • Use curtains or drapes to control the inflow of natural lighting, and lamps for softer lighting. Doing that increases relaxation, and reduces the stress on your eyes.
  • Place artworks around your home – they add originality to your space.
  • Incorporate mirrors and other ornaments with reflective surfaces in your home. Those objects play with the light in any room, and add an interesting layer.
  • Get houseplants. According to a study by the University of Reading, the sight of houseplants in your home can make you more clearheaded.

Home Decor Tips from Smell

Contrary to what you’d expect, appealing to this sense is not about using air fresheners and perfumes. Instead, you have to eliminate bad smells before introducing good ones. To remove bad smells from your home, clean out your rubbish often; avoid spills on absorbent surfaces, like rugs; and encourage the circulation of fresh air.

Home decor tips from smell

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to add great smells into a home.

  • Incense, for a smoky aroma with your favorite notes.
  • Scented candles, for a warm and aromatic atmosphere.
  • Air fresheners, to counter bad odors and add bursts of freshness to your home.
  • Fresh flowers when you want a natural floral fragrance.
  • Scent packets, to keep the hidden nooks smelling pleasant.

Home Decor Tips from Taste

Comfort food is a thing for a reason. Eating well provides a feeling of well-being and research has shown that food can have sentimental and nostalgic appeal. If you've just moved away from home, the right foods can remind you of loved ones and the good times shared.  So, to keep your sense of taste happy, and make your new space feel like home, stock your pantry with the food and drinks that taste like home and keep you happy.  

Unfortunately, not everyone can cook well enough to mimic the taste of home. Plus cooking frequently is stressful, and the constant kitchen routine can make even your favorite foods unexciting.

Thankfully, you can counter those disadvantages by subscribing to an Eden Life food plan. That saves you the time and energy that you would spend cooking and cleaning. And, with access to a wide-ranging menu, you can select your favorite foods from home, try new delicacies, and keep every meal-time exciting.

Home decor tips from taste

Here are the things you need to delight your taste buds.

Home Decor Tips from Touch

What do you picture when you think of the word comfort? Something soft, furry, or pleasantly warm, right? To keep your home comfortable, the temperature and your furnishing should make your skin feel good. The weather in Lagos is usually warm and humid, so home should be a cool and refreshing space. With soft, firm, and non-abrasive furniture.

Home decor tips from touch

To keep your sense of touch happy, incorporate these in your space:

  • Air conditioning unit(s)
  • Soft sofas
  • Plush pillows and throw pillows
  • A firm mattress
  • Lush area rugs
  • Breathable bedding
  • Cozy duvet

Home Decor Tips from Sound

Sound is very important to the ambiance and mood of your home. R&B, afro-fusion, rock, fuji, and audio-books are some of our favorite things to listen to. They give pleasure, excitement, and sometimes help us get through bad times. Reserve your headphones for calls, walks, work-out sessions, and other outdoors listening. Then, when you’re at home, surround yourself with the sounds you enjoy.

Home decor tips from sound

Get any of these sound choices for your home, and if you love singing in the shower the last option is a must.

  • Surround sound system
  • Sound bar + sub-woofer
  • Bluetooth speaker

Paying attention to all five senses creates a constant feeling of comfort and helps you feel at home in your own space. And this list of home decor tips would be incomplete without an Eden Life subscription to take even more stress off your shoulders. Simply subscribe, and we’ll handle your food, laundry, and home cleaning.