[Note: due to the current global pandemic (ie, COVID-19), this role will start out 100% remote. When things clear up, you’ll be required to resume at the Eden office, which is located in Yaba, Lagos State.]
Update from Justin: we're no longer taking applications. Thanks for applying!

The lowdown

Hey there! My name is Justin, and I lead all growth-related activities at Eden. We’re currently in the market for someone who has an uncanny skill for creating content that converts.
If you’re that sort of person, you see ‘content’ in multiple dimensions. You’re not thinking of written content, for example (even though you’ll be doing a lot of that - who isn’t writing these days, eh?). You just think about the message and then intuitively reach for the right way to deliver content that is faithful to the message.
If this sounds vague and nebulous, it’s because a lot of it is. We have a lot of things figured out (emails, social media, blog content), but we’re also open and actively willing to explore new and experimental ways to create new content.
In your first few months, however, most of your day-to-day will involve writing newsletters, blog posts, monitoring and managing social media channels.

What will your day-to-day look like?

A typical day in your life will be spent doing a lot of thinking. You’ll design and execute a content framework for social media, emails, our blog and the occasional press article. You will also measure the effectiveness of that strategy. You’ll be a key player in shaping Eden’s voice, communicating our brand values and delivering value to our customers across our communication channels.

Our ideal candidate has the following characteristics:

  • You’re a veritable wordsmith. You live for persuasive dialogue, delightful reparte and obsess over seeing that communication has taken place. You aren’t wasteful with words: you believe that the proof of efficient communication is a measure of the shortest path to complete understanding.
  • You’re great at scheduling. Content marketing is 50% content and 50% consistency (arbitrary percentages generated by me). You must be able to create a consistent publishing schedule and stick to it. You’re the sort of person who loves calendars, spreadsheets and to-do lists.
  • You have a good eye for design: you may not be a designer yourself, but you have to be able to tell when a design ‘works’ or not.
  • You sweat the small stuff. There is no such thing as a minor mistake to you. A typo in an email is something to be really concerned about.
  • You are thoughtful and empathetic. Many of your communications are designed to educate our customers and answer questions as they arise, so you should be able to appreciate context and empathize with the person on the other end.
  • You’re a quick study. We’re a young startup and still figuring out a lot of things. The ability and willingness to learn will help you and everyone!

The technicals

  • Knowledge of email campaign tools (Mailchimp, nice. Drip? Even better.)
  • Social media tools (we use Buffer here!)
  • Previous experience with this position (unfortunately, this one is not ideal for a first-job sort of person)
  • You know how to use Google Docs and are generally tech-savvy.
  • Excellent email etiquette.
  • Excellent texting behavior.
  • You’re great at writing (and can prove it with previous writing)

Perks of working at Eden

  • Competitive Salary
  • Comprehensive Health care coverage
  • Daily Office Lunch
  • Excellent workplace culture
  • A chance to work on something new and exciting in Nigeria.