We've worked from home long enough to suddenly have opinions on how you should work from home.

If you're like us, you've been working from home, and you're already beginning to realize it's not really as fun as you imagined. For one: days and nights are beginning to blend into one another, an unbroken chain of events that start with us yawning awake, taking our baths and brushing our teeth (we hope!), having breakfast and...just sliding over to our desk in the living room.

The monotony of it all leads to different effects, one of which we've decided to call the WFH blues: it turns out that that little ritual of stepping out of your home to squint at the sun, take a ride to the office and spend the next eight hours being interrupted by your colleagues was actually something you'd miss.

Alone, at home, it's just we, ourselves and...well, us. And for many of us, we're simply inadequate company.

More work hours

Many people are reporting that they're working a lot more, not less, since they embarked on this lockdown. Without the artificial breakpoints in your day (that good old nine to five etched in your clock), there's really nothing preventing you from grinding it out into the night, especially since you know your bed is only a few footsteps away.

Because of that, our circadian rhythms are creaking in protest and we may be feeling a little cranky. If you're a power WFH-er, it may have been many moons since you've seen the sun, and even that can cause you to feel a little grumpier (than usual).

As a result, we're making a quick list of things to pay attention to even as you valiantly contribute to your company's bottomline.

Your fingers

It's true: more hours on your laptop = a higher likelihood of having finger cramps. Someone on our team is already beginning to experience this, and so this is a warning from the past: if you must type a lot, pay attention to your posture or soon you'll be in pain that keeps getting worse the more you bang out documents.

Ben Wheeler has an article titled 'what to do when typing hurts', where he really nerds out about the gadgetry and therapies you can take up if your fingers hurt. It may seem like overkill if you're currently not experiencing finger pain, but as soon as you do, nothing will sound too drastic. As someone on the team puts it: 'you begin to realize your hands are your money maker and if they go out of commission, that's not good.'

An acupuncture stress ball is a weird spiky contraption that has been guaranteed to return the blood flow to your fingers and wrists, which alleviates the pain. We haven't tried it ourselves (we've ordered on Jumia and it'll take a while), but it came highly recommended as well. Give it a shot if you have finger cramps.

Set your schedule and stick with it

Sure, you're no longer strictly bound by the 9-5 calendar, but it's a great idea to stick to it. Calendars, contrary to popular belief, give you a life: they're like the crowd-control barriers of your existence - once they're removed, everything comes rushing through and suffocates your life until all you have is work.
Consider setting hard 'start' times and hard 'stop' times in your daily schedule so you can spend the evenings doing something that makes you look forward to the next day.

Connect with friends

And no, attending Instagram live concerts isn't 'connecting with friends'. Take extra care to talk with people you love and reaffirm your mutual existence in this socially distant world. You may not be able to create memories on the streets, but you can still do so virtually.

Squint at the sun

Easy if you have a balcony. Otherwise, take an evening stroll in your compound. It'll help work out some of that nervous energy and keep you alert and refreshed.

Pick up a home-compatible hobby

I'm learning some video editing techniques, haha!

If you have other suggestions for coping while working from home, let me/us know!